A Change From Within

Many people have the idea that weight loss is the magic fix.

A Change From Within

By Rachel Smith, Program Director, Weight Management at The Group

Many have the idea that weight loss is the magic fix - that if they could only lose 50 pounds everything about their life would be better.

It is true that many people who lose a significant amount of weight report dramatic improvements in their confidence and physical health. But, these improvements are often balanced by negative effects.

Many come to a point where they realize they must take control of their weight after years of putting their health on the back burner. Eating for convenience or entertainment, failing to prioritize exercise and not being able to say no are just a few habits that reflect an unbalanced relationship with one’s health. 

We often hear patients at the start of their weight loss journey say that they expect to have increased confidence as a result of weight loss.

In truth, many do find increased confidence but likely this confidence stems more from the journey than the end result. After accomplishing something as difficult as weight loss, you inspire confidence and improved self-esteem.

When you begin to form healthier habits they often trickle down in unexpected ways. For example, eating healthier meals may result in improved energy and efficiency in the workplace. You may feel able for the first time to set challenging professional or personal goals unrelated to your weight. Settling into a new habit of regular exercise may help you see yourself as strong and capable. Hearing yourself say ‘no’ to temptations while dieting may be good practice for saying ‘no’ to overcommitting.

When you prioritize yourself and your health, all of your other priorities shift. Making time for exercise, meal prep or grocery shopping will mean less time for other activities.

It will also mean that your entire life is more structured. Although this can be a positive springboard for other personal growth, it might be a complete overhaul of your self-image.

How have you identified yourself in the past? The freewheeling, easy-going, always ready to go grab drinks and nachos person? Your past self might not have a place in the healthier lifestyle you are building. Are you ready to re-define yourself?

If you are, come see us at Weight Management at The Group! Whether you attend our free informational session on Wednesday nights at 5:30pm or you schedule a private consultation, we are here to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

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