Abby’s Transformation

This working mom took our program by the horns and made it work for her!

Next up on our list of transformations is hard-working mom Abby.

Here is our interview with Abby and what she had to stay about her journey with Weight Management at The Group.

  • Why did you decide to start a lifestyle/diet change?
    • I realized the pain I was having in my back, shoulder, and heel were directly related to my weight. Being someone that was always active and highly competitive, I just wasn't able to do the things I loved anymore. Also like most other people, there was that one picture that made me say, "When did I become that person?" 

(Abby before)

  • What drew you to the Weight Management Program at The Group
    • I knew there would be someone to hold me accountable and to give me support when I needed it.
  • What were the first few days/weeks like on this program?

    • I honestly didn't have the struggles I thought I would at the start of the program. The shakes made my running around lifestyle so much easier, and allowed me to avoid the "crap" food that would always be the go to, when driving the kids to and from games and practices. Hot Cocoa quickly become my drink of choice. I found the weeks that we started to bring my calorie intake up much harder than the full meal replacement. 

  • What benefits have you seen so far?
    • Besides the obvious weight loss and going from a size 20 to a size 12. I found myself not as winded from activities, and am even able to run with my daughter for soccer. Might be only a mile for me, but that is way more than I use to do. Not only am able to coach volleyball, but now I am able to play again. That pain I had in my shoulder and heel are completely gone now. 
  • How did you feel while doing this program?

    • I loved the program while I was an active member in it. Now that I have "graduated", I know the WM team is still there for me. 

  • What is the WM team like to work with?
    • I loved working with the WM team, and always felt like I could reach out anytime I wanted/needed too. Ally allowed me to find what type of exercise worked for me, which allowed me to fall in love with hot yoga. 
  • What would you say to someone considering the WM program at The Group?

    • You need to do this for yourself and you need to be ready for the change. It isn't easy, but as a mother of a teenager, a pre teen, and a toddler it is possible if you want it enough.

(Abby after, enjoying an active day of golfing with her husband)

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