Crystal’s Transformation

Check out this amazing lady and her transformation in our Weight Management program!

Here at Weight Management at The Group, we love featuring our Success Stories and how learning to become more healthy has changed their lives.

This week, we feature Crystal, who lost 20 pounds in one of our programs. We'll let her speak for herself!

"Hi, my name is Crystal and I am so happy I heard about the program offered by the Group.  I asked my nurse practitioner at The Group about a weight loss program and she suggested I visit with Rachel in Weight Management. 

Crystal Before

(Crystal Before)

I made an appointment to find out about the program.  Rachel was very helpful and positive and suggested a program she thought that would work well for me. I started the program the middle of last May.  When I first received the information I thought, hey this doesn’t sound bad!  Also I had made my mind up that I was going to commit to a healthier eating and drinking lifestyle with an exercise plan.  I cleaned out the refridgerator and purchased the items that were suggested for this change.

 I believe that by the second week I had dropped six pounds and never felt hungry during that time.  Probably the one thing I complained about missing was having that piece of toast in the morning with my eggs.  With the help and suggestions of the team I found other options.  Yes, I learned to use that piece of bacon as my toast! Each week I would either drop a few pounds or just maintain the loss.  Even those weeks I hadn’t dropped anything Rachel and Allison helped keep my momentum going.  Alex joined the team later in my journey and was helpful in making food selections as I went back into a more modified diet.

I met my goal by the middle of September.  Rachel turned me loose with congratulations and best wishes.  I know I can always stop back by for a visit if I feel I need a boost.  So far as of this date in January 2019 I am able to maintain my loss and continue to include an exercise plan that works for me. I would recommend this program for someone who is looking for some good positive guidance.  Also your attitude as you go into a lifestyle change is important.  Be ready for the change and remain positive!

Thanks Rachel, Allison and Alex!"

You are so welcome, Crystal! It was our pleasure working with you!

Here is a photo of beautiful Crystal after finishing our program!

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