Exercise During Fat Loss

What is the best exercise when I'm trying to lose fat?

We've all been down this road, many of us more than once: losing body fat. We try to eat right, get quality sleep, stay hydrated, and most of all, try to fit in an exercise program that is going to maximize our loss on the scale.


Here on our Weight Management Team at The Group, we often get asked what is the best exercise to focus on while on a fat loss program. With a certified personal trainer on-staff, patients need not worry, as their programs are provided for them. All they need to do is commit and do them.


Fat loss is tricky. Throughout our lives, we've been told "Eat Less, Move More." In a sense, that holds merit.  However, it isn't always accurate when our patients are placed on a low-calorie diet.


Think of your body like a coal furnace. Coal goes in, heat comes out. However, if we are sparse with our fuel source, our coal furnace won't burn as hot. This is exactly how our metabolism works. If we are limiting our "fuel source," which in this case is food and calories, we won't have enough to fuel high-intensity or high-impact exercise.  The more dense nutrients in our system, the more fuel our bodies have to burn for things like running, Crossfit, lifting heavy, Kosama, and other high-intensity workouts. When our patients are on a fat loss cycle, they are consuming less "fuel," and in turn, we suggest they stick to activities like walking, Pilates, Yoga, and light resistance strength-training.


Exercise is wonderful for our bodies. It helps us live longer, feel great, maintain and lose weight, sleep better, and can improve mood.  However, exercise is also a stress on the body.  While it can be a "good" stress, it is still stress nonetheless. When we are on a fat loss program, our bodies are already stressed due to lower amounts of fuel. Which, again, means our patients won't see results if they aren't sleeping, hydrating, and working on lower-impact workouts.


If can be frustrating for our patients, many who have come from a lifestyle of eating very little and doing intense activities and expecting great results on the scale and in loss of inches. However, this isn't how our bodies work. Our bodies are machines. They don't think logically. They just do what they can with what they are given. Here at The Group, we often remind our patients to do the work, stick to their nutrition plan, and listen to their Weight Management Team of professionals.


So if you find you are eating very little, working hard in the gym, and not seeing results, it might be time to take a step back. Focus on light intensity, low-impact workouts that help your body recover rather than over-stress. You will begin to see small changes in both inches lost and on the scale.

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