Family Planning in 2018

Because the decision is so personal, there are many factors to consider.

Welcome to 2018! Have you filled in your planner with all the important dates of this year? How gratifying is that feeling?

At The Group, we understand your need to plan.  We want to help you learn more about planning for one of the most important dates of your life, growing a family!

Dr. Steines explains the basics when it comes to family planning.

“Family planning involves deciding the number of children you’d like and the timing of your pregnancies,” she says. “It’s a very intimate and personal decision for a patient, which may also involve some medical direction by a provider based on medical data and the patient’s medical history.”

Because the decision is so personal, there are many factors to consider.

Dr. Steines says maternal age, social stressors, and your financial situation are just some of these factors.

Other factors to consider?

“Sometimes it is hard, but optimizing your health prior to attempts at conception may be the best thing for your pregnancy, your child, and yourself, in the long run,” Dr. Steines says.

“Additionally, there are several new advances in technology, like genetic screening, that can and should be offered to patients even prior to conception. The best guide is to speak with a provider at annual examinations about future family planning goals.”

All the providers at The Group are happy to provide education, support, as well as medical direction for patients looking to start a family.

“We will talk with you about everything from overall maternal and paternal health, the time frame from your last pregnancy and delivery, and if there were any complications with previous pregnancies.”

At The Group, our goal is to support you with your family planning goals. We also support and follow the contraceptive education available from The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy at

Schedule an appointment with us today to talk about family planning in 2018. We understand no one plan will work for everyone, and we want to help you achieve your goals in a way that works for you!

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