Here’s To Your First Week

You’ve probably read a book (or three) about what to expect during your pregnancy. We know you’re anxious to meet your little one.

What happens when your new bundle of joy actually arrives?

Dr. Jennifer Steines said most mothers, once they’ve delivered safely, feel pride. As they should!

“After the initial, ‘wow I’m tired’, most moms are quite proud that they have accomplished this amazing feat,” she explained. “The most common questions at that time are usually about breast-feeding and recovery.”

What about your first week at home with baby?

If you’re a first-time parent, know that being anxious is normal. “These babies are gorgeous, but they do not come with an instruction manual,” Steines said. “I recommend the book, Baby 411, for all first-time parents.”

Talk with your significant other and any other support system you have at home about your concerns.

Proactive communication can help immensely.

“Rest as much as possible and lean on others to help you with laundry, cleaning, food, anything,” Dr. Steines said. “I would also refrain from having a lot of visitors. Everyone wants to meet the new baby, however that first week is such an important time for you and your significant other to bond with your child.”

During cold and flu season, Dr. Steines said she strongly recommends refraining from multiple visitors to keep your baby as healthy as possible.

She also explained that the old adage - sleep when your baby sleeps – is still a great idea. If you can, try to take 15-20 minutes at a time during that first week for yourself.

“Whether you’re going to the grocery store, Target, or even just a walk down the street, that time is crucial,” she said.

“Feeding, crying, diaper changing, bathing, everything can be quite overwhelming the first week home,” she advised.

“Above all, love your baby but don’t forget to love yourself.”

If you have any questions about the labor recovery process or your first week with your newborn, call us! At The Group, we get so much joy helping mothers on their journey to motherhood.

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