Judy’s Transformation

Read how one patient is changing her life with Weight Management at The Group's flexible program.

When Judy came to Weight Management at The Group, she was ready for a lifestyle change for the better. "I had increasing health issues and I wanted to feel and look better. I've tried many programs over the years with varying degrees of success. My daughter tried it and was very successful. She also told me about a friend of hers that lost 100 pounds on the program."

Within the first few weeks, Judy was seeing herself change in many ways. "For me, the program is surprisingly easy. I've been doing two replacement meals a day and it simplified things. I didn't have to think so much about what food to buy and prepare except for one meal a day. And it saved me lots of time so I have more time to walk before work or during my lunch hour."

As far as benefits of doing one of our weight loss programs, Judy states "I feel so much better. My blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar have come down as have my clothes sizes. I've also learned so much more about healthy eating. I've found it doesn't take long at all to make a delicious salad with extras liked chopped cucumber, peppers, onion and cherry tomatoes. I also have arthritis in my knees. I started walking short distances with sit breaks. Now I'm up to more than two miles at a time with no sit breaks and no pain in my knees. I look forward to walking because of how good it makes me feel that I can do it now."

Judy loves working with our comprehensive and trained team of medical, fitness, and nutrition professionals. "All three are very good at their jobs and terrific people that make you feel comfortable talking to them. They help you plan your strategy for dealing with things like travel and events or to adjust strength training exercises for your unique issues. And it is good to know that this is a medically supervised program. Also, I was pleased to learn that for every pound I lose, I'm taking four pounds of pressure off of my knees."

For anyone interested in starting one of our programs, Judy says "Do it! Set your mind on success and soon you will feel better and be successful too."

Judy has lost 70 pounds so far, and she's not done yet. She's unstoppable!

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