Laser Technology is NOW at The Group

We have big news for you. We care about your health and wellness and we want you to feel comfortable in your skin – so we are bringing CUTERA services to The Group!

Available for men and women, CUTERA offers medical aesthetic applications that are innovative, safe, and deliver the highest level of performance.

At The Group, you’ll have access to CUTERA Laser Vein Therapy, Hair Removal Solutions, Laser Genesis Skin Therapy, and Tattoo Removal.


Laser Vein Therapy helps remove veins from all parts of the body. If you have blood blisters, port wine stains, spider veins, or small, facial veins you may benefit from this procedure. It works by delivering a pulse of light energy into the vein to destroy the vessel. The best news? Often, only one or two treatments are sufficient to help!


Tattoo Removal with CUTERA removes tattoos more completely, and in fewer treatment sessions, than traditional lasers. CUTERA lasers efficiently and quickly break down the ink particles in tattoos. Come to The Group for tattoo removal, your ink is not permanent anymore!


Hair Removal Solutions are for men and women of all skin types and tones. With CUTERA technology, we will be able to permanently remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere. CUTERA laser hair removal solutions use an innovative cooling design that glides along your skin. After just 3-6 treatments you’ll no longer need to spend money on razors or waxing! 


Laser Genesis Skin Therapy can treat your diffuse redness, rosy cheeks, and rosacea. The procedure involves a gentle heating of your skin that, after a few treatments, helps restore its natural glow and appearance.


CUTERA laser treatments are therapeutic, too! You can expect to see results after 4-5 visits.

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