Midwives, Part of Your Group

Because The Group cares for your health holistically, we give you as many options as possible when you are expecting.

In addition to our physicians, physician assistant, and nurse practitioners, The Group has a team of midwives who can help you through pregnancy, labor, and your gynecological health afterward.

Pam A. Thorpe, C.N.M., M.S.N, and Beth N. Carlson, C.N.M., M.S., two of the midwives at The Group, explained midwives’ capabilities.

“We started our careers as labor and delivery nurses and then got our Master’s degrees in Midwifery,” Carlson said. “We care for women throughout their lifespans.”

At The Group, unless your pregnancy is high-risk, you have the choice to have a midwife as your care provider during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Safety guides every choice made by our midwives, but as long as mother and baby are safe, midwives are willing to have a variety of different birthing experiences with you. They acclimate their services to what you would prefer to take place during your labor and delivery.

“We want our expectant mothers to be well educated during their pregnancy,” Carlson explained. “We see pregnancy as less of a medical problem and more of a health event. We try to make that event as healthy as possible and help the labor and delivery go as desired.”

At The Group, one of our midwives is always on-call along with a physician, so if your wish is to have a midwife assist in your delivery, it will be possible!

“Teamwork is the future of healthcare and that's what makes us so strong,” Thorpe said. “We have great coordination with our brilliant physicians and we have excellent nurses. All of that put together makes us a great team and makes us feel confident and fortunate.”

If you’re considering starting a family or just found out you are expecting, schedule an appointment with one of our midwives! They would love to meet you. 

“Being at The Group for 15 years, I've seen families started and now we're talking at their annual about their kids going to middle school and high school,” Carlson explained. “It's full circle and it's so neat to be a piece of a family that way.”

“I think it's just really important to know that you really have a wide span of choices with us,” Thorpe said. “From all of the feedback we’ve received over the years, the personal touch women experienced from midwives is what stands out the most.”

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