Our Weight Management Patients say it Best

New Direction Success Stories

Our patients say it best!

Helping people change their lives and live up to their fullest potential, that is what drives us at Weight Management @ The Group. We love to share stories from our actual patients, because they truly do say it best. Here are just a few new voices sharing their successes so far on their journey.

Here's what Judy has to say: 

I've lost 34 pounds so far. If you follow the six imperatives, even if you need to start with baby steps on the exercise part like I did, it is amazing how fast the pounds just melt away. I have tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, South Beach diet, Mayo Clinic diet, LA Weight Loss and a number of other diets. This has been my best experience by far. I have two meal replacements and one protein and veggie meal a day plus the two snacks. I am also learning to try new things with vegetables and overall healthier eating. One of the most interesting facts I learned (that I had never heard before) is that for every pound you lose, it is like removing four pounds off your hips, knees and ankle joints. I've taken 132 pounds off of my poor knees and it feels great!


Michelle shares what she's learned so far: 

I have only been on the program a month and here is what I have learned—-you have to make the decision that this is for you—about you and that it is ok to be selfish during this time. We can’t have it both ways—wanting to lose weight but not wanting to wise up. Also there will be bumps, uphill climbs and ravines to climb over and sliding backwards but then prevailing will make it worth it.I made the decision to take back my health and to give a strong effort for a year to see what will happen because the year is going to come either way.


Linda is getting close to goal. Here is what she loves about Weight Mangement @ The Group: 

I have lost 40 lbs. so far. I like the structure of the program. I am not good with a program that has many choices. This program seems to work for me. I rarely feel hungry and have not been bored with the food choices, though they are limited. 

I love the support of Rachel and Ally. You are always encouraging and positive in my journey to better health and lifestyle.


Karen is really changing her life and doing impressive things! 

I have lost 40 pounds as of last week.  I really enjoy this program!  I have learned a lot about myself, and how food plays a part in my life, good and bad. I have learned that if I put my mind to it I can do anything!! Walking six miles or daring to cross over a stream on a log! I would never have done that before!

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