Preventive Care for All Ages

At The Group we care for women aged 16 to 96. Kristi Bullock explains what you can expect from an annual appointment at The Group.

At The Group, we care for women aged 16 to 96. One of the best ways we can do that is through preventive care. Our physician assistant, Kristi Bullock, explained why it’s important to have an annual exam every year.

“Preventive care helps women avoid illnesses and chronic diseases,” Bullock said. “This kind of care includes regular exams, screening labs and procedures, and dietary and exercise counseling.”

We can help guide you through this process. Here’s what you can expect from a preventive care visit at The Group.

“Preventive care visits vary slightly as a woman ages,” she explained. “Some staples of the visit are as follows.”

Women younger than 21: “We’ll discuss birth control options, STI prevention, as well as teach you how to perform a Breast Self Exam. We will also check your blood pressure, weight, and perform a BMI screening.”

Women 21 – 30: “At this age, we’ll begin PAP evaluations. PAP testing should be performed every 3 years, if there is a history of prior abnormal PAP tests, we’ll perform them more frequently.”

Women 30 – 65: “HPV screening will begin to occur once every 5 years or per ASCCP guidelines, if you have a history of prior abnormal PAP tests. Around age 40, we’ll begin mammography screenings once a year as well. ”

Women older than 65: “A PAP test is no longer needed if your history is negative. At this age we will typically begin Bone Density screening to monitor for Osteoporosis as well.”

These tests are simply guidelines. When you meet with your provider, we’ll talk with you about family and personal histories, current medications you’re taking, and whether or not you need additional vaccines.

“It’s important to come see us once a year, but to maintain your health all year long there are lifestyle changes you can make,” Bullock said. “Stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight, and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and low in saturated fats.”

If you have any questions about your health, please call us and schedule an appointment. We want to help you!

“I became a Physician Assistant so I could use my knowledge and experience from training in multiple specialties to better treat my patients,” Bullock explained. “It’s very fulfilling to help my patients every day while also being involved in my children’s activities.”

If you haven’t scheduled your annual for this year yet, call us at 563-355-1853.

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