The Nutrients You Need

Understanding Nutrient Density

The Importance of Nutrient Density

No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, nutrient density plays an important role. Your body functions at its best when it has enough macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats), and micronutrients (vitamins & minerals).  So what exactly is nutrient density? By definition, it is the food that gives you the most nutrients for the fewest amounts of calories.

Optimize your Health and your Weight

When you are striving for a healthy lifestyle, you want to make sure that you are delivering the proper nutrients to your body; otherwise you are at risk for many health problems. Thyroid disorders, immune dysfunction, and anemia are just a few diseases/conditions that can be directly caused by nutrient deficiency. Although we have an abundance of energy-rich foods in the United States, most of our foods are nutrient-poor.  To put it another way, much of the typical American diet is comprised of empty calories. This makes it possible to have a co-existence of obesity and malnutrition in the same individual.   

Where Do We Find Nutrient Dense Foods?

The best way to get nutrient dense foods at the grocery store is to Shop The Perimeter of the store. Here you will find your lean meats and fish, produce (vegetables & fruit), and dairy products. However, it is not impossible to find packaged products in the middle isles with great nutrient density to them. You will just have to read the Nutrition Facts Label (examples below) and look for the vitamins and minerals compared to calorie content. If you see many vitamins/minerals listed with a lower calorie amount, then they are considered nutrient dense.



     The Breakfast Example


A donut offers very little nutritional benefit but will be about 200 calories. The calories from the fat and carbs will give you some energy but your body will pull very little in terms of vitamins and minerals. At most you only get 2-4% of the recommended daily value of a few vitamins and you will end up being hungry a short time later. If instead you opted for a nutrient dense breakfast, you could enjoy 2 eggs and half a cup of blueberries for the same amount of calories. The difference is that with the eggs and blueberries, you get 15 vitamins and minerals that offer 20-60% of your Daily Value.

We Are Here to Help

When you are a part of our program here at Weight Management at The Group, your team will make sure you are getting all of your nutrients. If you are participating in our meal replacement program,  your meals have all of your macronutrients and are packed with micronutrients. When we reintroduce real food, once you have met your goal weight,  your team will teach you how to choose meals that are diverse and nutrient dense.  Our goal for you it not only weight loss but a healthy, robust life. Understanding the importance of nutrient density in your diet is one tool that can help ensure your success.

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