Way to go Nancy!

At the beginning of this program, I walked down the chip aisle saying, “I love you all, and I miss you!”

Nancy is our December patient of the Month!

My name is Nancy, and the Weight Management Team at The Group, along with The New Direction program, has helped me create many positive, healthy changes in my life! Rachel, Taylor, and Ally consistently offer words of encouragement and advice whenever I bring up difficult situations or times of the day I’m struggling. They are genuinely excited to share my successes! These ladies have become three of my biggest cheerleaders!

After gaining weight for many years for a variety of reasons, feeling down about myself physically, and trying all of the fad diets out there, I knew I needed a strong support system to guide me in the right direction and lead me down a healthier path. While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a “sponsored ad” for Weight Management at The Group, and they just happened to be holding an Open House that Saturday. I just knew I had to check it out. I did, and I made an appointment right then and there.

On May 2, 2017, I began my journey to becoming a healthier version of me! In 8 months, I’ve lost 56 pounds. I’m down 4 pants sizes and 2 sizes in tops! I can shop in the “regular” sections of stores for clothes! I love shopping for tennis shoes and for what I call those “slippery exercise pants!” My journey is not over, and I look forward to continuing to change my body even more! I have come to love walking and challenging myself to hills. I have even started jogging – although Ally will tell you I’m running! I am stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically!

I was excited to have access to meeting with a nurse/health coach, a nutritionist, and a certified personal trainer! Together, they have helped me understand the “why” behind my emotional eating, how to change my mindset when stressful situations happen, how to handle stress better, the value of food as fuel, the nutrients the body needs, the importance of activity/movement for my cardiovascular health, and strength training. Meeting with one of them one-on-one weekly is just what I need to celebrate overcoming any food-related challenges or a goal I met that week. The more open and honest I am with them, the more they understand me and can offer practical advice and insight.

Another important reason I chose to join Weight Management at The Group is the support group session that is offered every week. I have made the commitment to attend these and have only missed a few. I enjoy the comradery with other members who attend and look forward to meeting new members. I look at this weekly group as a bonus benefit to me. It’s like a second “check-in” which helps me stay on track. Every week, there is an educational presentation that focuses on an aspect of health. Questions are always welcomed and answered! We’ve even tried new vegetables (which I’m learning to like!), and Taylor has taken us on a grocery store tour to teach us how to choose healthier options.

Rachel meets with me monthly to share my blood test results with me, and I’m proud to say that my blood sugar has been in the 80s for the past 3 months! Rachel always seems to know what to say to put my mind in the right place. I imagine her sitting on my shoulder sometimes helping me make better decisions! Ne thing she said to me was, “Who made you eat that?” when I was sharing about a meal where I didn’t make good choices. With how Rachel says things, she makes me realize that I do have control over how I handle situations, and her realistic suggestions make sense to me. Many times, her advice also applies to other relationships in my life.

Taylor answers the many questions I have about nutrition, especially vegetables. I began this program only eating carrots and lettuce for my vegetables, but with her encouragement, I will eat celery, zucchini, peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower. I was a chip-a-holic, but one night at the support group, Taylor was leading a presentation about how to shop in the grocery store. She called some of the inner aisles “scary aisles of torture” and said to stay away from them if you can. For me, that was the chip aisle. At the beginning of this program, I walked down the chip aisle saying, “I love you all, and I miss you!” Now, I push my cart intentionally down the chip aisle saying, “Nope! I don’t like how you make me feel,” and I find it rewarding to pass them all up!

Ally set up a app on my phone where I log in my physical activity. She programed some strength training exercises which include videos I can watch to ensure I’m doing them correctly. I also log when I walk or do the elliptical. Ally asks what equipment you have access to and what kinds of activities you enjoy. Then, she offers her advice and programs your workouts based on your interests. I can even message her on this app! Ally has believed in my physical abilities more than I had in the past!

I am a work-in-process on my journey to being healthier! I finally feel that I am successful in my weight-loss efforts with all of the supports this program offers! I look forward to reaching more of my health goals, and I’m so thankful for everything this team of ladies has helped me to accomplish so far! 

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