Weight Management @ The Group

The Group is exactly what it sounds like. A group of medical professionals who care about you and your health holistically.

We saw a need to care for you in a way that wasn’t being addressed. But it is now. Weight Management @ The Group is designed to make you the healthiest version of yourself. It’s the most comprehensive program you can join, and we’d love to tell you more about it.

Together, our team of professionals address behavioral issues, the nutritional aspects of weight management, and your activity and exercise habits. We individualize your plan for you, establishing smart goals, emphasizing baby steps, and motivating our patients to move forward!

Our Program Director, Rachel Smith, ARNP, says she has never seen more positive energy in one place.

“It is a brave thing to admit that you need help and I see so much strength every day in every patient,” she said. “Changing habits and fighting our biology is truly hard work. But, it is so worth it to see our patients reaching their goals and sharing their personal success stories."

Weight Management @ The Group has a Free Orientation night that we’d love for you to attend.

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm, a small group of individuals gather to learn about the program, the screening process, different phases of the program, costs, and how to get started.

If you’re interested in starting the program, we can schedule your appointment before you leave that evening.

If you’re nervous, we understand.

“Come to orientation and see what we can do,” Smith said. “I promise that you will not be pressured into making a decision. We don't want you to start this program unless you are truly ready to do the work to change your life. When you imagine your life in 3-5 years and it’s not a pleasant image, you owe it to yourself to check us out.”

  • Join the nurse who lost 50 pounds and is currently training for a half-marathon.
  • Join the woman who lost 80 pounds before her wedding and is still going.
  • Join the people who have diabetes that no longer need insulin.


You can feel better, feel more confident, and be a healthier you. The Group can help you on your journey.

Learn more about Weight Management @ The Group by visiting our website or coming to our Free Orientation night!

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