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In the world of today, your cell phone is now seen as a necessity. Handling work, emails, viewing social media, and much more can all be done in the palm of your hand. The convenience of a cell phone has made it a staple in our society, and now it can have an important place in your weight loss journey! The creation of diet/nutrition apps are at full speed and can be found in both Apple and Android app stores.

So what are these apps doing to help you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle? Below is a list of actions that they help you tackle:

  • Goal Setting – whether it is calorie counting, daily steps, or meeting macronutrient needs, many apps give you a way to set up your goals and keep you on track!
  • Improving Motivation – quotes, emails, daily reminders, and hot streaks are all a staple in diet apps to keep you ready to tackle the day!
  • Compatibility – Apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal are capable of working together when uploading information. That way, you can really be efficient and use the best of all your apps without having to upload the same information to every single app.
  • Overall Knowledge – within every app there are many tips, facts, and information that gives you a great deal of knowledge on what a healthy lifestyle looks like.
  • More Than Nutrition – just about every app is more than just nutrition! Tracking exercise, water intake, stress management, and sleep are all bonuses to many popular apps that you can access.
  • Free is always good – Most apps are free for most of its features. There can be ad pop-ups at times, but that’s a small price to pay for access to very helpful apps. However, if you’d like full access or if you want to do away with the ads, many apps cost relatively low (some as low as 99 cents).
  • Support from Science – Recent studies have shown that the self-monitoring within these apps promote weight loss by awareness of habits and progress!

The opportunity to turn your phone into a support system has never been easier! Meditation, calorie counting, sleep tracking, and exercise help are all at the palm of your hand.

The Top Apps I would recommend:

  1. Fooducate – Gives you a nutritional breakdown of thousands of food items and gives you the benefits and downsides of each food.
  2. Waterlogged – Allows you to make water intake goals, set reminders, and tracks progress with personalized charts. This app even lets you take a picture of the bottles you drink out of to give an even more precise measurement.
  3. Zombies,Run! – One of the most fun and interactive exercise apps on the market! Perfect for any speed (walk, jog, or run). You carry out missions and hear amazing stories, that keep you engaged anywhere in the real world!

The opportunity to turn your phone into a support system has never been easier! Here at Weight Management @ The Group we work with you and the apps you use to make sure we are getting the best out of your weight loss journey!

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