Wendy’s Experience

I was depressed, anxious, moody, and didn’t have a lot of energy.

My back story:

I was addicted to sugar and carbs, really addicted. I had very unhealthy eating habits and it was enough to greatly affect my mental health.  I was depressed, anxious, moody, and didn’t have a lot of energy.   At my yearly I saw a pamphlet for the Weight Management Program at The Group, asked my doctor about it, and attended the orientation meeting that same week. It was a pivotal moment for me. I officially joined May 1, 2017, and I’ve never regretted that decision. 


What I learned:

Since I started Weight Management at The Group I have learned how to eat to properly fuel my body. I have more consistent energy throughout the day and I don’t experience the same crashes I used to. I’ve learned that not only is good health about food but also exercise that fits my lifestyle (and I don’t mean killing myself at the gym every day like I used to do to drop a few pounds). I’ve learned how to cook and plan meals that are not loaded with sugar/carbs.  Veggies are my friend and I love to experiment with them!  My family is on board with my new recipes and “experiments” with food, too! I’ve gained a more positive self-image throughout the process.     


How I feel now:

I feel energetic, relaxed, and more positive about myself. I’m a better teacher, better wife and mother, better friend and community member because I feel more lively and productive…and joyful.  Most importantly, I don’t feel a need to drown myself in sugary treats.  I have broken that horrible cycle of eat, guilt, eat more, feel guiltier, which is a very freeing feeling!  


If you are considering this program…my thoughts:

This lifestyle change is amazing!  I was wholly ready to embrace the new change. We all want to look good in a dress, swimsuit, or pair of jeans, but if you want to improve your overall well-being then the Weight Management at The Group if for you!  The personalization of this program was key for me as well.  Each session with the ladies was like my own food and wellness therapy session.  The accountability, encouragement, realistic goals, and their belief in me helped me battle my biggest challenges. Lastly, I enjoyed many of the food replacements – pudding is still my favorite breakfast!



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