You KNOW How to Lose Weight

Now learn to keep it off

You KNOW how to lose weight!

Am I right? You have lost weight on any number of diets over the years.

Most of the women and men that I talk to have lost hundreds of pounds. They don’t need help with weight loss; they need help keeping the weight off.

And yet, when they sit down across from me and I ask what brings them in for a consult, inevitably they say: I want to lose weight.

There is good and bad news at the heart of this.

~ The good news is: we can help ~

The truth is, almost any diet will help you lose weight. Most diet and nutrition research indicates that indeed, what we all need help with is maintaining weight loss. The bad news is a goal of ‘losing weight’ is short-sighted. If instead we could focus on getting healthy and begin to embrace all that getting healthy means, we could find long term success.

Even in my program I see it. Patients come in and lose weight simply and efficiently on our program by following the program requirements. Then their weight loss slows a bit. They become a bit lax and begin to cheat a bit. (Dieting IS hard; I understand!) Soon, they aren’t losing at all and end up quitting the program. Later they may return to have another go at it.

Others stick with the program long enough to reach their goal weight but while in maintenance find themselves quitting the healthy new habits they learned. It doesn’t happen overnight; it is gradual. The old habits slowly creep back in.

Unless we can help them maintain their weight loss long term; they are not a success story. But we do have success stories. And those men and women are living changed lives because they were willing to do the work to change not just their diet, but their entire approach to food, exercise and stress management.

That’s why our program is different. Here at Weight Management @ The Group, we use tools that are medically sound to help you, once again, take the weight off. We make it simple and efficient. We will evaluate your health comprehensively and address your weight concerns holistically. Along the way, our team will give you support and education to begin to make the kind of lasting change I’m talking about. We want you to experience lasting lifestyle change, vibrant good health and freedom from a life of dieting.

~ Freedom from a life of dieting ~

The January diet fads are in full swing right now. Many of you are in week 2 of a 3 week challenge or a Whole 30. It’s not the first diet you’ve tried and it probably won’t be the last. I wish you the very best. When January comes to an end a few of you may be ready to do some real work with improving your health long term. If that is true for you, come talk to me.

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