You’re Pregnant…So Now What?

If you’re looking down at the word PREGNANT, congratulations! You’re having a baby. Figuring out exactly what to do next can be confusing and overwhelming. Don’t worry.

Dr. Lyndsey J. Day, M.D., one of our physicians at The Group, has some great suggestions for you!

First, take a deep breath.

Avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. Dr. Day said now is the time to contact a physician as well. “Call The Group or your prescribing physician to see if your prescribed medicines are safe to continue during your pregnancy,” she said. “If you haven’t already started, now is time to stock up on prenatal vitamins containing folic acid.”

At the time of your positive pregnancy test, your baby is about the size of a sesame seed! Folic acid helps your baby’s brain and spinal cord develop properly.

During the first month of your pregnancy, before you see an obstetrician, your body is going to go through incredible changes.

Some of the changes that occur during the first month of pregnancy are:

  • Your body begins to make more blood. By the end of your pregnancy your blood volume nearly doubles.
  • You may begin to feel morning sickness. Unfortunately, it can happen any time of day.
  • You may feel very tired as your body adjusts and you might start to experience breast tenderness as you prepare to make milk.

Dr. Day understands what you’re going through!

“I now have 4 kids (3 biologic and 1 adopted), and each one has taught me more about life, love, and helping women along this path to motherhood. When I had my first positive pregnancy test, I was so excited and quite terrified about this incredible journey. Those wonderful, overwhelming, awesome feelings never go away.”

After your first month of pregnancy it’s time for your first visit to The Group! We are always excited to see first-time expectant mothers and want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

“Your first visit will be an opportunity to get acquainted with us,” Dr. Day said.

“We’ll thoroughly review your health history, address any questions or concerns you have about your pregnancy, perform a physical, and listen to your baby's heartbeat!” (If it’s too early to hear your baby's heartbeat at the first visit we can use a handheld ultrasound to see your baby's heartbeat.)

At The Group, you don’t just have one doctor caring for your health, you have a group of medical professionals who care about you holistically. The first few months of your pregnancy can be difficult, but they won’t last forever. Soon, you’ll be snuggling your newborn.

Dr. Day’s advice for brand new moms?

“I know it’s hard, but trying to relax is important. There’s nothing like holding a newborn baby to your chest. Someone once told me, ‘The days are long, but the years fly by.’ Relax and enjoy those sweet moments with your baby.”

Welcome to The Group!

Call us at 563-355-1853 to schedule an appointment and visit our website for more information!

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